Claiming Lily



The billionaire rescued her, but will she let him claim her?

The Rescued College Student


I may have been rescued from the brothel, but my safety is still in question. My captors are on the hunt and closing in. Finn and I must team up to unravel the truth behind my kidnapping and take down those responsible.


Despite the danger and trauma, I have found safety with Finn. After one night together, he wants to claim me as his own. Am I willing to let him own me completely?


Will Finn be able to convince me that I want to be his, before my family interferes?


Per usual, Rene doesn't disappoint.

~ BookBub reviewer


Wow, another great read that I couldn't put down! Can't wait for more! Just went you thought how it would end it goes a different direction. Calling 50 shades fans this series is for you! 

~ BookSprout reviewer


Seriously this book is soooo amazing!!! It kept making me come back for more. I don’t know how this author continues to do it, but never stop writing this series!!!

~ Amazon reviewer