MacKay International Series

Are you looking for a sexy virgin, millionaire romance with a dash of suspense?

Kidnapped, Imprisoned, Betrayed.

✓ Alpha Millionaire Hero
✓ Virgin Heroine
✓ Stranded in a brothel (what can they do to pass the time?)

Will one night be enough to win her trust, to save her?

While studying abroad, I was drugged, kidnapped, and imprisoned . . . in a Hong Kong brothel. After several failed attempts to escape, I know my time is running out. My innocence is about to be sold to the highest bidder.

My plan was to meet an investor at the upscale brothel and immediately return to Boston. That was until I uncovered Lily. I recognized her instantly, but she had no memory of me.

Now I only have one night to claim her and rescue her from her captors.


An Edge Of Your Seat Romantic Suspense

~ Amazon Reviewer


This book was HOT!!!!

~ Amazon Reviewer


A powerfully emotional storyline and complex characters, this book grabs and keep your attention.

~ Amazon Reviewer


Rescued, Protected, Hunted.

✓ Romantic Suspense
✓ Rescued by a Millionaire Hero
✓ Virgin (former) Heroine

He rescued her, but will she let him claim her?

I may have been rescued from the brothel, but my safety is still in question. My captors are on the hunt and closing in. Finn and I must team up to unravel the truth behind my kidnapping and take down those responsible.

Despite the danger and trauma, I have found safety with Finn. After one night together, he wants to claim me as his own. Am I willing to let him own me completely?

Can Finn convince me that I want to be his, before my family interferes?


Wow, another great read that I couldn't put down! Can't wait for more! Just went you thought how it would end it goes a different direction. Calling 50 shades fans this series is for you! 

~ BookSprout reviewer


Seriously this book is soooo amazing!!! It kept making me come back for more. I don’t know how this author continues to do it, but never stop writing this series!!!

~ Amazon reviewer


Per usual, Rene doesn't disappoint.

~ BookBub reviewer


He rescued her, but only she can reclaim her life…



My entire world changed the night I was kidnapped. 

Finn may have rescued me. 

But only I can claim my future.



I have no intention of letting Lily go. 

I will use everything I have in my arsenal to keep her. 

Pleasure seems like an excellent place to start.


The steamy conclusion to the MacKay International series!


Wow. I have thoroughly enjoyed Lily and Finn's journey! It was well written and I fell hard for the characters!

~ Amazon Reviewer


There are so many intense twists that I was dropping crazy amounts of f-bombs while on the edge of my seat with heart racing like there was no tomorrow.

~ Amazon Reviewer


 I can't say enough good things about it...just read the series!!

~ Amazon Reviewer

MacKay International Box Set Cover.jpg

This box set is the completed MacKay International trilogy, plus several fun exclusives including a deleted scene and character directory!



This book contains 22-word search games based on the romantic suspense trilogy, MacKay International. Each game has 15 words related to the series hidden within. Solutions to each game are included. 

Can you find them all?