Uncovering the Tropes in UNCOVERING LILY

Narrative Tropes
Hello Readers,
What is a trope? A trope is a common or recurring narrative theme or element.
There is a laundry list of tropes seen within the romance genre. My forthcoming novel, Uncovering Lily, has several within the narrative, they include the alpha hero, the virgin, the millionaire, and the protector. To some extent, the tropes of stranded and mistaken identity also come into play.
Aside from the hero, Xavier Finch, being an alpha hero, the tropes in this story differ from my previous novels. Uncovering Lily is both darker and sexier. (I can't wait to finally share it with you!)
Alpha Hero: the hero is both assertive and driven, controlling the world around him.
Virgin: one of the characters, usually the heroine, has never had a sexual relationship.
Millionaire: one of the characters, usually the hero, can afford anything their heart desires. Excerpt for the love of the heroine, which has to be earned!