Finding Sunshine (A Pinetree Romance, #1) | Missing Scene: Cookies & Nookie

Finding Sunshine (A Pinetree Romance, #1) | Missing Scene: Cookies & Nookie

This is a missing scene from Finding Sunshine, and takes place several weeks after Aaron and Nina have started dating. I was inspired to write this after finding a cookie recipe, and realizing they were something Nina would definitely make! WARNING: NSFW! Note: this is un-edited, so please be gentle!

Cookies & Nookie

~ Aaron ~

“I’m back,” I call out, letting myself into the warm house. It smells delicious, like homemade chicken noodle soup. I smile.

I may not deserve her, but I fuckin’ lucked out finding an amazing woman who enjoys cooking for me. <em>My Sunshine.</em>

I have eaten more cookies in the last five weeks than in my entire lifetime. It seems like whenever I pick Nina up or she comes over, she has a container of my favorite peanut butter cookies with her. Not that I’m complaining!

Russell comes barreling into the back hall to greet me, wiggling excitedly.

“He buddy.” I drop my bag onto the bench and quickly strip out of my jacket. “Were you a good boy for our Nina today?”

Russell’s answer is to sit at my feet and turn his head repeatedly from looking at me to the cabinet he knows his treats are kept in.

“Where is she?” I ask, grabbing him a treat; which he eats whole.

As we head into the kitchen I hear Nina’s gentle voice coming from the living room. She must be on the phone.

I’m just getting back from spending the day conducting several training sessions with puppies and their new owners at the animal shelter. Usually Russell comes with me, but I left him at home today with Nina. It helped me convince her that she should stay and work from home here, to keep him company. Even though I have to work tomorrow and Sunday night, bartending events at the club, my sister and her family are spending the weekend on the Cape; which means Nina and I will have the house to ourselves, something I’m looking forward too.

“No buddy, these cookies aren’t for you,” I say snagging several of the small gingerbread men shaped cookies off the cooling rack, before continuing into the living room.

“Weird,” I mutter to myself, at the odd flavor. The cookies aren’t sweet at all, but rather taste like chicken broth and are slightly salty. “Must be some sorta cracker.”

“You’re back early,” Nina says excitedly, tossing her phone aside and jumping off the couch to greet me.

“I left the volunteers in charge of cleaning up.” I tell her. “I wanted to get back to my Sunshine.”

“Aaron, what are you eating?” She stops in front of me and gives me an odd look.

“Those gingerbread men shaped cracker things you made?”

“What?” She asks, her eyes having gone wide. We haven’t known each other long enough for me to be able to decipher the exact emotion behind the expression. “Those aren’t for you.”

“Don’t worry I only took a couple, there’s plenty left.” I close the gap between us and wrap my arms around her.

“They’re not crackers,” she says, and burying her face into my chest bursts into a fit of giggles. I almost can’t make out what she says next, “They’re homemade dog treats.”

“What?” I exclaim pulling away and looking at the one still left in my hand.

“I asked Sarah before they left if I could use the kitchen,” she answers. “I found the recipe on Pinterest and wanted to make Russell cookies.”

“What?” I repeat, disgusted. “I ate dog food?”

“No.” Nina giggles, taking the last treat from my hand. “They’re all nature. Made from nothing you wouldn’t normally eat.”

She squats down to Russell’s level, “Here baby. I won’t let your daddy steal any more of the special cookies I made you.”

I watch as she hands him the treat and pets him cooing, “You’re such a good boy.”

“What about me?” I ask. The way she spoils Russell, sometimes I wonder if Nina likes my dog more than me. “Did you make me any cookies?”

“No, I made you some a few days ago,” she replies looking up at me with a smile, before standing.

“But, I ate them all.”

“Maybe if you ask nicely, I’ll make you some more tomorrow.” Nina steps into my arms and wraps hers around my neck.

“Nina. Baby. My Sunshine. Will you make me some cookies? Pretty please, with jimmies and lots of whipped cream on top.” I kiss her slender neck with loud smacking kisses; that have her shaking with laughter.

“I don’t know.” She pushes back against my chest and grins up at me with a playful expression that has my cock jerking to life. “What will you do for me?”

“Anything,” I confess softly, pulling her in closer and touching her smiling lips with my own.

Nina jerks away suddenly and with her nose wrinkled adorably says, “You need to brush your teeth first. Your breath smells like dog food.”

Bending my knees slightly, I pick her up and toss her over my shoulder in a fireman’s hold.

“Aaron. Put me. Down.” She screeches in between her laughter.

I spank her bottom lightly, eliciting a strangled moan from my woman as her breathing catches with pleasure.

“We need to get downstairs.” I begin making my way towards the stairs. “So I can convince you to make me cookies tomorrow.”

“Aaron put me down before you drop me.”

“I won’t drop you.” I assure her, tightening my hold.

“If you drop me, you won’t get any cookies or nookie,” she warns, and I can feel her nervously gripping the back of my shirt.

“Nookie?” I chuckle, letting her body slide down my own until she’s standing in front of me.

“Yes.” She shakes her head adorably, attempting to move the riot of curls that are falling into her eyes.

I brush back the hair from her face and tuck it behind her ears, revealing her smiling face – pure sunshine.

Fuck! She’s perfect.

“Ladies first.” I open the basement door and motion her through it.

Nina flicks on the light and proceeds down the stairs to where I’ve been living. I quickly follow, making sure to keep Russell upstairs.

“Be right back.” I head towards the small bathroom to brush my teeth, and strip out of my dog hair covered clothes.

Reaching out to grab my toothbrush from the holder anchored on the wall I notice something for the first time. It’s not alone. Nina’s wooden handled toothbrush is in the once empty space in the holder. Like it’s always been there, and it’s meant to be there.


It’s only been a few weeks, but I’m falling – no plummeting – hard and fast for this woman.

On impulse I grab Nina’s toothbrush to use it. Not that I’m going to tell her I borrowed it, but the intimacy of the action pulls me in.

Flicking the light off, I walk out of the bathroom wearing only my boxer briefs to find Nina sitting in on the sofa bed with the covers pulled up to her chest.

“You’re naked.” I kneel at the foot of the bed and crawl up and over her body.

“Yes.” She smiles and reaches for my arms as I get closer. “I thought that was the point?”

“Yes, but I was looking forward to peeling you out of your tights.” Moving onto my forearms I press her into the thin mattress.

“Leggings,” she corrects me with a smile. “And there’s always next time.”

Being with Nina is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

She’s sweet and wild.

Her kisses are usually gentle, as she claws my back and moves against me demanding and insatiable.

Pulling the covers aside I trail kisses down her body. Paying attention to every place that I’ve discovered makes her squirm with pleasure. That spot on her neck, her pink nipples, on the ribs right below her breast, and the inside of thighs. I kiss, suck and tease every one.

“Oh Goddess Aaron that it tingles,” she gasps, when I finally reach her pussy and taste her wetness. Pulling away, I’m confused for a moment before I remember that I had not only brushed my teeth but had also used mouthwash. I don’t care that the ingredients were all natural, I still felt like I had eaten dog food.

“A good or bad tingle?”

“I don’t know.” She giggles breathlessly, before adding. “Don’t stop.”

“Just tell me if it’s too much,” I tell her before, going back to teasing her. Enjoying the sweetness of my Sunshine. I’ll never get enough of her.

It’s not long before my woman is writhing with pleasure and coming over my tongue in a rush, as she tangles her hands in my hair. I flick her clit, eliciting another shiver, as I kiss my way back up her body. Nina wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me into a biting wild kiss.

Resting on my forearms I rock against her body, my cock feeling the damp heat of her pussy through the thin fabric of my underwear. I groan.

“Aaron,” Nina pants, reaching down in an attempt to push my boxer briefs off.

“Hold on.” I roll onto my back pull them off, flinging them onto the floor. Turning back to Nina, I straddle her body and look down at her flushed smiling face. She’s handing me a condom, making me briefly wonder where she’d been hiding it.

I quickly roll the condom down my impatient cock.

Moving between Nina’s legs, she wraps them around my waist and reaches down to takes me in her gentle hand – making my cock twitch with excitement.

“There’s no rush,” I tell her. “We have all night.”

“Which means we can do this more than once,” my woman smiles, as she guides my cock towards her entrance. Her heals pressing in to my ass, encouraging me.


I slam into her tight burning pussy, as she bucks and moans against the intrusion.

“Hold on, Sunshine,” I whisper against her lips, before taking her mouth. Feeling her moans reverberating throughout my body, as I slowly move – within – against her.

It doesn’t take long before she’s breaking the kiss to arch her back, and pull me in even closer.

Both spent. We lay there in comfortable silence for several long moments, breathing each other in. Nina gently caressing my neck, shoulders and back – anywhere she can reach.

“I’ll be right back,” I whisper. After slowly kissing and nuzzling her face, I finally disentangle myself.

Quickly disposing of the condom I return to find Nina tucked under the covers with a corner pulled back, waiting for me.

Climbing in, I pull her back into my arms. I can’t get enough of this woman. The feel of her in my arms, the taste of her on my tongue, the scent of her excitement and seeing her relaxed and sated in my arms.

“I used your toothbrush,” I confess, continuing to lazily twirl my finger around one of her curls.

“What?” Nina pushes herself up on my chest, so we’re face to face. “Why?”

“I don’t know,” I lie. Unable to express to her the real – fucking scary – reason why.

“Well I’m going to use yours then,” she states, resting her head back onto my chest and snuggling into my side.

“Okay.” I reply softy, as the words ‘anything I have is yours’ resound in my head.

“What kind of cookies do you want?” Nina asks, before placing several kisses on my chest.

I chuckle before answering, “Whatever you want to make, Sunshine.”

Text Copyright © 2016 Rene Webb, All Rights Reserved