Claiming Lily (MacKay International, #2) | Teasers

Claiming Lily Teasers

I know you are all anxiously waiting for the second novel in the MacKay International series, Claiming Lily, to be released so I've enclosed a few, unedited, teasers for you below! YAY!!!

If you haven't read the first in the series, Uncovering Lily, now's the perfect time! Don't miss out on a word in this sexy series!

Teaser #1

“Don’t worry you’re not getting rid of me.” I brush a gentle kiss across her lips, and as I pull away she fists my T-shirt and tugs me back. Kissing me.

This kiss is gentle and unhurried. We are simply passing the time, enjoying the taste and feel of one another. Discovering more about the other.

Like the way Lily moans every time, I graze her lips with my teeth.

Teaser #2