Claiming Lily (MacKay International, #2) | Teasers

Claiming Lily Teasers

I know you are all anxiously waiting for the second novel in the MacKay International series, Claiming Lily, to be released so I've enclosed a few, unedited, teasers for you below! YAY!!!

If you haven't read the first in the series, Uncovering Lily, now's the perfect time! Don't miss out on a word in this sexy series!

Teaser #1

“Don’t worry you’re not getting rid of me.” I brush a gentle kiss across her lips, and as I pull away she fists my T-shirt and tugs me back. Kissing me.

This kiss is gentle and unhurried. We are simply passing the time, enjoying the taste and feel of one another. Discovering more about the other.

Like the way Lily moans every time, I graze her lips with my teeth.

Teaser #2

Xavier hands the driver several bills, which has the man smiling and thanking him profusely.

“Let’s go,” he says, throwing open the door and steppin​g out.

I wiggle myself along the seat and take his offered hand with a smile. Gripping it tightly.

I never want to let go.

I force myself to shake off the feeling. Despite now knowing who this man is, and what we’ve shared; I still should not want him.

Xavier let’s go of my hand and slams the cab door closed behind me. He then wraps his arm around my waist, placing his hand firmly on hip as he guides me toward the hotel’s glass doors. Two doormen open then and allow us to walk through, without Xavier releasing his hold on me.

The lobby is buzzing and we get several odd looks as we walk towards reception. I feel selfconscious and out of place in the elegant surroundings. Xavier’s steps are confident, as if he doesn't noticed anyone else in the room. I find myself unconsciously leaning into his tall frame. As I crossed my arms against my chest.

Teaser #3

As the man draws closer, my eyes widen and I can’t help but smile as I get a better look at him. Total eye candy! He is a head shorter than Xavier and broader in the chest. The tight royal blue polo shirt, shows off his pecks perfectly. Staring at his chest I almost miss his square jaw, bright blue eyes, and light blonde hair cropped short. All on a canvas of alabaster skin even paler than my own. You could tell from the way he walks towards us that he, much like Xavier, exudes self confidence. It’s almost palpable. And extremely sexy.

The top button of his shirt is undone and I can see wisps of curly blond hair peeking out. I can’t help but wonder how far that hair trails down his chest.

“Lily,” Xavier snaps, the sound of his voice and his fingertips digging into my hip, breaks through my musings.

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