Never before published 2nd epilogue for Finding Sunshine!

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Valentine's Day is coming up, and for those of you who fell in love with Nina and Aaron from FINDING SUNSHINE (A Pinetree Romance, #1). I have a little treat for you!!! A never before published second epilogue.

If you haven't met Aaron and Nina, be sure to catch up on the story of their sweet and sexy romance. Then read their special Valentine's Day novella, LOVE FOUND (A Pinetree Romance, #1.5), that follows. Now available on paperback!

I should warn you that there are some SPOILERS for the novels and possibly for the series; so reader beware.

P.s. This is self-edited, so please be gentle!


Finding Sunshine by Rene Webb

Aspiring photographer, Nina King, is searching for a place to belong. Ex-con, Aaron Masters, is searching for redemption. It’s time for the Valentine’s Day Date Auction at the exclusive Boston nightclub St. Andrews, and Aaron would rather be anywhere else. That all changes when he catches a glimpse of Nina, the woman he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since their recent chance encounter. When they met her smile—for a precious moment—warmed the darkness inside. Now he’ll stop at nothing to make her his woman, keep her, and protect her from the truth of his rough past. Nina hasn’t been able to get a certain handsome man, with long hair and gorgeous blue eyes, out of her thoughts—or her dreams. As her professional internship has recently ended, she’s now out of work and trying to find herself while struggling to build a viable career. Aaron and Nina’s relationship soon heats up, but not everyone in their lives is excited about this new development. Will Aaron’s dark past derail the couple’s bright future?

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Finding Sunshine Epilogue Two

~ Star ~

7 Years Later - Pinetree, Vermont

“I need a chocolate milk. And Daddy needs a beer,” I say rushing into my Daddy’s bar and crawling up onto the stool at the counter. It’s not really my Daddy’s bar, he just works here.

“What to do you say, Princess?”

“Please! Uncle Frankie, it’s an emergency!” I beg him; today has been the worst day ever!

Uncle Frankie is not really my uncle, but he is my godfather, which means he gets me presents on my birthday, Christmas and Easter.

“Really?” He asks, pulling out the milk and chocolate syrup from the fridge under the counter.


“What’s the matter?” He asks, beginning to mix together my favorite drink.

“All the puppies went to their forever homes today!”

“You still have Russell,” he says smiling at me. Uncle Frankie just doesn’t understand!

“He’s old!” I explain to him. I love Russell, but he’s no fun. He won’t play catch, and he sleeps in the sunroom all day!

Uncle Frankie chuckles stirring my chocolate milk.

“It needs more chocolate,” I say, as he moves to slide it across the bar to me.

“It’s that kinda day, uh?” He shakes his head, and squirts more chocolate into the glass.

Just then Daddy comes into the bar carrying some really big framed pictures that Mommy took. She hangs her pictures all around town, and down the street she has a store where she shows them off and sells them.

"Masters I need to talk to you," Uncle Frankie says, sliding the glass back to me.

“Star baby, I’m going back into the office. You stay here and finish your milk,” Daddy says, kissing the top of my head.

"Okay Daddy." I take a sip of the very chocolaty and yummy drink.

"I'll watch her," Uncle Teddy says walking down the bar towards me and giving me hug. "Hey Pumpkin."

Daddy and Uncle Frankie disappear into Daddy’s office.

Uncle Teddy's not my real uncle either, but I've known him forever! Sometimes he works for Daddy but he usually spends all his time with his apple trees and auntie.

"Who do you like better, Matt or Jack?"

"Are you talking about the Allen twins?" He asks, leaning his elbows on the counter.

"Yes!" I struggle not to roll my eyes, something Daddy and Mommy always yell at me for. They're the only boys I know named Matt and Jack. They're older than me and so they got to pick out a puppy to take home today.


"They like puppies, so I should marry them." I tell him. Mommy told me she married Daddy was because he liked puppies. She says you can tell what kind of person someone is by the way they treat animals. Why wouldn't I want to marry someone like Daddy?

“You gonna marry both?” He asks, grinning at me.

“Uncle Teddy, you can only marry one person,” I say laughing at his silliness. “I haven’t decided which one yet.”

“You’ve got time to think about it,” He says smiling, pulling out a bag of pretzels from behind the bar and pouring them in bowl for me.

“I think I’m going to marry Matt,” I say, grabbing a pretzel.

“How come?

“Jack isn’t always very nice, he pulled my hair and said it looked funny.”

For some reason Uncle Teddy thought this was really funny, because he starts laughing.

“It’s not funny!” I scowl at him, just as Daddy comes back from his office.

“What’s not funny?” He asks, coming to sit down next to me and grabs the beer that Uncle Teddy hands them.

“Your daughter was just telling me which Allen twin she plans on marrying,” Uncle Teddy laughs.

“No boys for you until you’re at least thirty,” Daddy says scowling at me, for some reason this makes Uncle Teddy and Uncle Frankie laugh harder.

Grownups are crazy.

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I hope you enjoyed this little trip back to Pinetree to see how Nina, Aaron and their family are doing! Which of their friends should fall in-love next?

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