*NEW* Excerpt from Claiming Lily (MacKay International, #2)!

This excerpt was shared last week in my Facebook readers group, Rene's Naughty Readers, but I am so excited about CLAIMING LILY that I wanted to share this teaser with everyone! It took me a bit to decide what to post, but I finally decided on this little moment between Lily and Finn in a bathroom. Please be gentle as this is completely unedited.


“Finn,” she breathes huskily. “They’re going to think we’re back here joining the mile high club.”

“Now that’s something I’ve never done,” I say excitedly, tightening my hold - allowing her to feel how hard my cock is for her. It might be a permanent condition now that she’s mine.

“Really?” Her eyes are alight with an emotion I can’t quite pinpoint. Excitement, disbelief, and desire all rolled into one.

As much as I want to take her now, I know waiting will make it all the more worthwhile. Plus I promised myself the next time I fuck her, she’d be the one who asks for it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t tease her a little bit.

“I should have had Trevor get you a skirt or dress?” I mutter into her neck as I skim my hands along her ass, unable to reach any of her skin through her leggings.

“Why?” Her voice is a breathy giggle, as flick my tongue along her jaw neck tasting the sweet saltiness of her skin.

“I need to be able to feel your skin,” I tell her, running a hand up her side to palm her breast, squeezing it.

“I prefer dresses, even to sleep in,” she tells me, as she scratches the nap of my neck sending a thrill of pleasure down my spine.

“You sleep naked,” I groan, nipping at the shell of her ear.

Lily pulls back her eyes sparkling with interest and eyebrows raised in rebellion, “Really?”

“You’re mine princess.” I remind her.

“Since when?” She whispers, running her hands down my chest and then letting her arms wrap around my waist. Lily then lets her body fall forward into mine - fitting perfectly.

“When you trusted me enough to come, creaming and shaking all over my fingers.”

Lily shivers in my arms and breaths out, “Oh.”

“Are you mine?” She hesitates chewing her bottom lip.

Moving my hands, I cup her face and tell her fervently - willing her to believe me,

“Fuck yes. From the moment I looked up and saw your beautiful face.”

Text Copyright © 2019 Rene Webb, All Rights Reserved


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"Rene dove right into the guts of this story and pulled me right along with her." ~ Goodreads reviewer

Virgin, Lily has been drugged, kidnapped and imprisoned in a Hong Kong brothel with no way of escaping. And she's tried.

Businessman, Finn arrived at the brothel to meet with a potential investor. He never intended to spend the night. When he sees Lily he instantly recognizes her, but she has no memory of him.

Finn has only one night to make her his.

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