Cover Reveal / Sexy NSFW Excerpt: Claiming Lily (MacKay International, #2)

Claiming Lily by Rene Webb

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Finn & Lily's sexy adventure?



I may have been rescued from the brothel, but my safety is still in question. My captors are on the hunt and closing in. Finn and I must team up to unravel the truth behind my kidnapping and take down those responsible.

Despite the danger and trauma, I have found safety with Finn. After one night together, he wants to claim me as his own. Am I willing to let him own me completely?

Will Finn be able to convince me that I want to be his, before my family interferes?

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‼️Sexy/NSFW Excerpt‼️

“How’s your cunt feeling?” he asks against my lips. The hand that was sensually torturing my breast slides down my body and between my legs, which part instinctively, welcoming—wanting—his touch.

“Wet.” My words come out in a strange giggle-moan as he palms my bare flesh.

How could I possibly be anything else with him touching and surrounding me?

The soreness from this morning no longer exists, replaced by an aching need.

Why the fuck does this man affect me so much?

I hear a groan behind me as Finn’s arms release their hold on me, and I feel a chill from the loss. With his warm hands on my hips, he spins me around so we are now face-to-face. I slide my palms up his solid chest and entwine my arms around his neck, letting my fingers slide through his thick hair as I pull him toward me. He comes willingly, pressing his full wet lips to my awaiting ones, taking over and dominating the kiss. His arms wrap around me. I shudder with pleasure as he runs his hands down my back to palm my ass, then squeeze it gently before moving lower.

“Dude!” I exclaim as I am suddenly lifted. Finn knocks over bottles and pushes our clothes onto the floor, and he sets me on the counter.

“Dude?” he asks, quirking his eyebrows.

Smiling and spreading my legs farther apart, I let his question go unanswered as I pull him in closer. Wanting—needing—to feel his warmth.

Finn tangles one hand in my hair, while the other slowly moves back down my body, caressing, touching, and sending a shudder of need through me. He kisses me slowly, leisurely, teasing me with his tongue. His wandering hand squeezes my breast and thumbs my nipple. I hear myself making a plaintive moan in his mouth. Still lower his hand travels, stroking my skin along the way, making me shiver. Finally, his hand reaches my sex.

“Lean back on your elbows,” he tells me, breaking the kiss.

I lean back and look down my body at the man between my legs. His strong hands are resting on my thighs, gently pushing them apart, exposing my sex further to the cool air of the room and his heated gaze.

He slides a thick finger along my pussy until he reaches my clit, which he strokes leisurely.

“You are wet,” he observes smugly, his golden eyes sparkling with pleasure.

He moves his calloused digit along my sex, then presses into my wet channel, teasing me. After scooping some of my wetness on the tip, he drags his finger back up to my clit and asks, “Is this for me?”

“Yes,” comes my automatic and truthful answer.

“That’s the right answer,” he growls, palming my breast with his free hand

and continuing to stroke my clit, occasionally dipping a finger inside my pussy.

“Sir, please,” I plead when the slow building torture becomes too much.

“I love it when you call me sir.” Finn groans, pushing two thick fingers inside of my sex, slowly stretching me open. His calloused thumb moves to my clit and presses it firmly.

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