FREEING LILY Cover & Excerpt Reveal

He rescued her, but only she can reclaim her life…


My entire world changed the night I was kidnapped. 

Finn may have rescued me. 

But only I can claim my future.


I have no intention of letting Lily go. 

I will use everything I have in my arsenal to keep her. 

Pleasure seems like an excellent place to start.

The steamy conclusion to the MacKay International series!


Steamy Excerpt (NSFW)

~ Finn ~

“Baby,” she giggles softly into my neck, making my entire body tighten with need.

I squeeze her ass in my hands and groan into her ear. “Don’t call me that unless you’re ready to be fucked.”

Her limbs tighten around me, and she buries her face into my neck as we make our way toward our large bedroom. The flick of her tongue on my neck has me groaning. Needing to feel and taste her. I kick the door shut behind us and make my way to the welcoming bed, which is already turned down for the night. It’s the perfect height for me to set her down onto it.

“Let go.” I disentangle our limbs and take half a step backward. “Open the bag.”

My woman smiles brightly up at me, her emerald eyes sparkling.

“I love presents,” she says eagerly, reaching in and tossing out the tissue paper excitedly. I begin tearing my clothes off as well.

Reaching in, she pulls out a black box and looks up at me, confused, before looking down at it again. She turns it over in her hand and reads the large text printed on the front. Her eyes widen. Her mouth falls open.

Plucking the box from her fingers, I open the package and set the device onto the bed. “Shall we try it?”

Lily bites her lip and nods her head. Her anxiety and excitement mingle together, intoxicating me. I want nothing more than to possess and tease this woman. To own our pleasure.

“Where did you get it?” She stands, kicking off her sneakers before reaching under her dress and pulling off her leggings.

“While you and Kitty were getting ready for dinner, I called the store and bought it. I had them charge it for us and deliver it to the concierge,” I explain to her, moving forward to help her strip bare, wanting to touch and run my hands along her body. Feel her ass filling my palms again as I help her peel off her layers. Pulling off her dress, I press a kiss to her shoulder. Her body shudders, and she sways towards me. Her hands reach out and anchor themselves on my hips. “I plan on playing with your cunt until we’re both thoroughly satisfied.”

“Finn.” The catch in her breath betrays her excitement.

As needful as we both are for one another, it takes us several long minutes to strip completely. With every piece of lost clothing, we become distracted by one another’s body. Tasting, feeling, teasing the skin we’ve revealed.

Once my princess is bare, I instruct her to lay down on the bed. Her knees are bent, with her feet flat on the bed, and her legs spread wide open, showing me her smooth pussy, leaking her excitement. I dip two fingers between her petals, and my woman arches her back as I stretch her open. She groans, “Finn,” as I pull them out. I watch as her fingers grip the bedsheets beneath us.

Her eyes widen further as I bring my fingers to my mouth and suck them clean, tasting her unique tang. I pick up the small pink and silver device, holding it up for her to see.

“Shall we try your new toy?” I ask, switching on the remote control. It vibrates and tickles my palm.

“It’s pretty fancy.”

“Only the best for my princess.” I lean down, trailing kisses down from her lips to the hood of her cunt.

“Yes,” comes her breathy answer as she unconsciously shifts her legs further apart and scoots herself closer to me.

“Finn,” Lily gasps as I run the vibrator lazily along the lips, stroking them gently. “More.”

“Your wish is my command,” I chuckle, finding her clit and pressing it harder against the sensitive nub. My cock hardens as Lily’s thighs shake and she lifts her pussy needfully toward the device. I pull away before she can come. She growls my name.

Switching the device off, I place my hand over her heated flesh and part her pussy lips, telling her, “This little device is also meant to be held inside that tight cunt of yours.”

“Okay.” Her voice wobbles, and she gasps as I gently press the egg-shaped bullet into her pussy. 

Once I have it set snuggly within her channel, I pick up the remote control with a shaky hand—filled with my own need. The other I lay over her pussy, wanting to feel the coming vibrations.

“Finn.” Lily’s voice is thick with desire.

As I switch on the device to the lowest setting, my own body vibrates with need. My woman’s body begins to wiggle and dance as I increase the speed of pleasure waves. Leaning over her, I take her erect clit into my mouth, sucking and flicking it with my tongue as she reaches her climax.

“Do you like your new toy?” I switch off the device and glide my hands up to cup her neglected breasts. I pinch the stiff points of her nipples.

She laughs, reaching up and pulling my body closer to hers. “Can I keep it?”

“Yes,” I chuckle, kissing her neck and breathing in her warmth. “I knew you were the woman for me.”

Text Copyright Rene Webb 2020



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