Previously on CLAIMING LILY

Are you ready for the release of FREEING LILY next month? Do you need a refresher on what happened at the end of CLAIMING LILY? The novel ends from Finn's point-of-view, but below I have re-written the final chapter from Lily's point-of-view. I hope it will get you excited for the upcoming release, and spending time once again with Finn and Lily!

Claiming Lily by Rene Webb

~ Lily ~

Mid-April - Paris

"What are we going to do?" I whisper, tightening my hold on Finn's hand as we sit on the busy airport's hard plastic chairs, anxiously waiting for my cousin Peter and Aunt Kitty to arrive.

"You're going to come home with me, and we're going to help the FBI takedown Mayer once and for all," Finn says resolutely.

“Okay, and afterward?”

"I love you," he states firmly. Warmth fills me at his words. Looking into his amber eyes, they spark with the truth of what he's said, I smile.

"Make no mistake, princess, you are mine. And you'll continue to be mine," he growls, pulling me into a rough, passionate kiss, one that tells me exactly how he feels.

As he ends the kiss, I lick my swollen lips, grip the front of his shirt, and tell him, "And you're mine."

Finn grins widely. I melt into him, resting my head onto his shoulder. My emotions are a jumbled mess with everything that's happened to me in the last 21 days, but I know I want this man.

We sit silently, watching people rush by as we wait. And it's not long before I see Peter and Aunt Kitty jogging towards us.

"There they are," I exclaim, jumping up from my seat. Peter is pushing the overflowing trolley but stops suddenly to answer his phone.