Shock and AWe





✓ Office Romance
✓ Age Gap Romance
✓ Steamy Romance

The investigation draws them together, will office politics tear them apart?

For the past two years, my assistant Bethany Colombo has unknowingly been tormenting me.

Hiring Bethany to keep my private security company, Pride Security, running smoothly was both the best and worst thing I ever did. There is no question she’s the most reliable and hardworking employee I have. If only she wasn’t wrapped up in such a sweet-smelling, amazing assed, too young for me package.

I hate and crave, in equal measure, each morning when she bounces through the door.

Bethany is exactly what I need to grow my fledgling company and continue to provide for my employees. There’s no way I want to fuck that up…

My attraction to Derek Lion has only grown over the years. There’s just one problem... he’s my boss.

Part of Derek’s attraction is that he respects me as a person. Which means he will never act on his feelings.

As Derek and I work together, to find a missing jeweled mask, I am determined to prove to him that we are a perfect team inside and outside of the office.

I am hell-bent on getting him to finally act on our mutual feelings…

Uncover the origins of Pride Security, as seen in the MacKay International Trilogy!


Who doesn’t love a good office romance with a hint of forbidden love? If you like a little mystery and a lot of sexy romance then you need to read this book!  ~ Jen (Goodreads reviewer)


Such a fun read! It was also super sizzling! Bethany and Derek are cute as a couple and their story had lots of bits of mystery, sexy times, sweetness and moments of uh oh! ~ Debra (Goodreads reviewer


Nancy Drew meets sexy security guy! Loved this book! Its a quick read with a fun mystery woven into a love story. ~ SE Rose