Finding Sunshine (A Pinetree Romance, #1) | Missing Scene: Cookies & Nookie

June 7, 2018



This is a missing scene from Finding Sunshine, and takes place several weeks after Aaron and Nina have started dating. I was inspired to write this after finding a cookie recipe, and realizing they were something Nina would definitely make! WARNING: NSFW! Note: this is un-edited, so please be gentle!


Cookies & Nookie


~ Aaron ~


“I’m back,” I call out, letting myself into the warm house. It smells delicious, like homemade chicken noodle soup. I smile.


I may not deserve her, but I fuckin’ lucked out finding an amazing woman who enjoys cooking for me. <em>My Sunshine.</em>


I have eaten more cookies in the last five weeks than in my entire lifetime. It seems like whenever I pick Nina up or she comes over, she has a container of my favorite peanut butter cookies with her. Not that I’m complaining!


Russell comes barreling into the back hall to greet me, wiggling excitedly.


“He buddy.” I drop my bag onto the bench and quickly strip out of my jacket. “Were you a good boy for our Nina today?”


Russell’s answer is to sit at my feet and turn his head repeatedly from looking at me to the cabinet he knows his treats are kept in.


“Where is she?” I ask, grabbing him a treat; which he eats whole.


As we head into the kitchen I hear Nina’s gentle voice coming from the living room. She must be on the phone.


I’m just getting back from spending the day conducting several training sessions with puppies and their new owners at the animal shelter. Usually Russell comes with me, but I left him at home today with Nina. It helped me convince her that she should stay and work from home here, to keep him company. Even though I have to work tomorrow and Sunday night, bartending events at the club, my sister and her family are spending the weekend on the Cape; which means Nina and I will have the house to ourselves, something I’m looking forward too.


“No buddy, these cookies aren’t for you,” I say snagging several of the small gingerbread men shaped cookies off the cooling rack, before continuing into the living