5 Tips to Party Like a Romance Author, On Facebook

September 7, 2018



If you are an author who participates in Facebook Group parties/takeovers or someone who wants to start participating in them, then this blog post is for you!


I started hosting Facebook Group parties/takeovers when I worked for an MLM company and sold their products. Although that venture has now ended, I learned a lot from that experience and have found it easily carries over to my small business as an author. I use a lot of the same strategies when hosting or participating in a party/takeover for selling my books, as I did for the previous product.


One difference I have noticed is that while previously the goal of the party/takeover was to sell as much of the product as possible, now my goal is to meet potential readers and get them excited about my novels and me as an author. Don't shoot the messenger, but you won't necessarily sell a ton of books after the party/takeover. But that doesn't mean they aren't extremely valuable in getting seen and recognized by readers. Especially with the crazy amount of romance authors there are publishing these days. Anything you can do, for little or no cost, to get noticed is important!


If you follow me on Facebook you might have noticed by now, but I tend to participate in A LOT of parties/takeovers (over 23 since June!). Do I sell a crazy amount of books afterward, no, are readers beginning to recognize me and my brand, yes! Which brings me to tip #1!

Tip #1: Make sure your brand/logo or book cover is on all of your posts.

Why: So you are easily recognizable among the sea of posts in readers Facebook feeds.


Recently I conducted a poll in my reader group, asking them which of my books they would like to hear more about during my next party/takeover. I had been doing so many and was feeling burned out on the content I was showing. If I was burned out, I could only imagine what my readers were feeling. 

Tip #2: Think like a reader!

Why: Sounds stupid, but sometimes we get so caught up in what we want readers to do because it will benefit our business that we forget to think about what they would like. Plus you can only play some of these games so many times before you tune them out as well! And you don't want your readers tuning you out!!!


Readers participate in these party/takeovers because they want to interact with the author, other readers and yes to win free books or book money. Giveaways are a whole other discussion!

Tip #3: Be present during the party/takeover.

Why: Readers don't care what your PA has to say, no matter how nice and cool they are. They want to hear from you! This means you actually need to be on Facebook during the time you're scheduled to party/takeover.


Scheduling your posts is totally acceptable and actually recommended, so you can focus on replying and reacting to comments your readers are making. For those of you in the back, you need to be there! 


Showing up to a party/takeover you have agreed to attend is also the polite thing to do. Sometimes we forget that there is an entire rulebook of correct etiquette when you are online. You wouldn't show up to someone's house party and not thank your host. The same goes for when you take over a portion of an author's party/takeover.

Tip #4: Etiquette isn't just for the real world.

Why: If you want to create meaningful relationships within the author/reader community, then you have to play well with others. Which means learning what to do and not to do.


I don't see this as a problem with authors, but good etiquette says you should create your own graphics. Don't steal soeone else's graphic and unless you have permission from the creator to use it. It is perfectly acceptable to borrow someone else's idea and create your own graphic. I fully admit to saving other author's ideas for games, etc. and then recreating them with my branding.

Tip #5: Create your own graphics.

Why: This is tied to the first tip, of having your graphics branded. You want readers to recognize the post as coming from you, not another author. This can be easily done using FREE online tools such as Canva and Crello! [All the graphics on this post where created in Canva!]


Another reason has to do with the hidden depths of the internet and understanding Facebook algorithms. Something I won't even pretend to comprehend. But using a new image, that has a unique file name (be sure to tag that baby up for SEO), will get seen by more users than one that has been spammed to everyone. [Don't quote me on this!]


These five tips seem kinda random, but hopefully, they will guide you to having a more successful (in terms of reader interaction) Facebook Group party/takeover! It can be extremely rewarding getting to know readers and talking about the books you've given your heart and soul in writing. 


Be sure to check out my Pinterest board, that contains all sorts of post ideas as well as guidelines for having the most interactive party possible!


If you want to hear more about my views, incites, experiences on the Facebook Group party/takeover circuit leave a comment below. ​

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