Claiming Lily (MacKay International, #2) | Fun Facts!

November 1, 2018

The naughty readers in my Facebook Group have spoken! They wanted the subject of my next blog post to be on Claiming Lily, the upcoming sequel to Uncovering Lily. Since I can not yet provide them with a release date, as I am still writing, I thought I would tease you all with some fun facts and an excerpt!


If you have not read Uncovering Lily yet, now's your chance to get caught up! It is FREE for KindleUnlimited subscribers!


5 New Character You Will Meet:


1) Trevor Gregor

2) Riley Finch

3) Peter Stein

4) Derek Lion

5) Daisy Sanchez


4 Nicknames Lily Will Call Finn, Trying To Find The Perfect One


1) Mr. Clean

2) Boss Man

3) Dude

4) Edward


3 Questions That Will be Answered


1) Why did James Mayers really have Lily kidnapped?

2) What are Finn's future plans for himself and Lily?

3) What is Lily's secret geeky obsession?


2 Objects That Will Be Seen